10th Augustus De Morgan Workshop on Deontic Logic

5 and 6 July 2010

Program chair: Dov Gabbay (Bar-Ilan University, King's College London and University of Luxembourg), John Horty (University of Maryland), Ron van der Meyden (University of New South Wales), Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg).

Organizers: Guido Governatori (NICTA, Queensland Research Laboratory) Xavier Parent (University of Luxembourg) and Giovanni Sartor (European University Institute, and CIRSFID, University of Bologna)

The topic of this 10th edition will be Deontic Logic.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the art and current research trends in deontic logic. The Handbook on deontic logic and normative systems will be discussed during the workshop.

The workshop is collocated with the DEON 2010 conference (7-9 July 2010), and it is a follow-up event on the 9th de Morgan workshop on deontic logic held in Luxembourg on 1-4 December 2009.

A preliminary programme is available here.

If you would like to attend, please contact Xavier Parent

Like the DEON 2010 conference, the de Morgan workshop will be held at the European University Institute, Villa Schifanoia. For venue, travel and stay information, see the DEON 2010 website.


Further information on the background of Augustus De Morgan Workshops is available here.